It will be several weeks before I can get a new PC so in the interim I got a tablet. Its the highest spec I could afford

ASUS MEMOPAD ME173X, MediaTek MT8125 CPU 1.2Ghz Quad-core, 1 Micro USB, 16GB Storage, 7″ HD Display

Its very good. However there is no system menu, no radar and its difficult to give out tags.

But without it I couldn’t get into second life:


I found that having chat and the keyboard takes up most of the screen:


So I bought a bluetooth keyboard and it is much better:


Navigation can be a bit tricky and I got hopelessly muddled during Carmel’s set. However as you should have guessed by now the patrons and staff are very tolerant and understanding. Have to admit tho I am not as professional as I would like but it should only be a couple more weeks.


Halloween Part 1

skeletonhalftransA great time in Second Life. People dress up and look pretty fine!  This id DJ Siani looking splendid…..


Below is a snippet I took of Adogeoto in her costume at JYB.


Then one of Storm and I :

More to come!

12 Hours in Second Life

I have shadows enabled and as the sun rises and sets shadows get longer and you see the shadows lengthen. I have shown moonrise below to give you an idea. I don’t think many people have shadows enabled , Storm says it crashes her computer; others have said it gives the user too much information to process. I disagree I always have shadows enabled now. For me it adds a realism to the whole scene. I don’t know how long the night / day cycle is in second life, can someone help? Leave a comment with this info if you can. Also your opinion on having shadows enabled . Thanks. Please watch full screen.

graphicssettingsI have since turned off Local Lights which gets rid of the glare that some personal lights produce. This means I also lose lights from the Junkyard like from the sign.  This seems to be optimum for me. I like shadows took me a few days to get used to them but I have now and it adds another dimension of realism. There is some lag but this is tolerable. It came as a bit of a shock when, a while back, I realised what I see / experience is not the same as others. Everyone has different settings almost making sl a subjective experience. So I make videos of what I see. With my new graphics card I run graphics at High with Advanced Lighting Mode and Ambient Occlusion with Sun / Moon shadows.

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