7th Birthday For Junkyard Blues

YAY the Junkyard is now 7 years old the oldest blues club in second life. Congrats Kiff and Dina awesome. I made some videos to celebrate:

on my second day in second life about a year ago, i found the jy. i think i had searched for the blues not that im any expert but it seemed like a good idea. The whole place was aesthetically pleasing, blue tiles. There was a dj and I was made to feel welcome. Not too many there. I stood, god forbid I would try dancing. I perved the dancers. They were all so pretty even the men. The music was great no fault there. Took me a few days to suss everything out but by the end of the week i was dancing. I had been back every time I logged on til log off. that hasn’t changed that much, well it has a bit. I thought everyone was really cool. I said “cor I wanna be like them” So I set about properly joining this family. All I needed was kindness, thoughtfulness, patience, a sense of humour and a fair share of love to give away. still working on some of them. But that pretty much sums up the people of jy. , Then I met someone.(Its all detailed on my blog)

Over the year I have had many teachers, all willing to share their knowledge or expertise. I’ve learned loads about sl and during this year I have met incredible people some of whom have changed my life. I have had 4 partners three I met in jy. see sl blog). I met Storm here. Everywhere I have found kindness and thoughtfulness (well with some exception). I have 98 friends easily the majority are jy people. I have met doctors, scientists, graduates in all sorts of things, writers, poets, artists the many who would just say “I love the blues” and mean it. And that’s enough for us all: a love of the blues.

Its a place where you feel at home. You get to be known and get treated and greeted like a friend. It is a meeting place. But also it is a community. The oldest blues club in second life. Heres a snippet of the birthday party, people paying tribute. I have met 4 of my 5 partners here, the last one will stick I think 🙂 Just like any club you meet a girl and fall in love. You chat you dance you swap snippets of real life and so it goes….

The Junkyard is a community, no one would deny that. It runs 24/7 and people are from all over the world. The language is English but don’t be surprised if you read people chatting in Norwegian or French. We all mix. We are getting new members everyday despite the limitations imposed coz of griefers. There are people who I share confidences with and I have gone public about having and surviving cancer. Was given a safe environment to do this. Hope it helped. The point is there is a lot of sharing going on just like any community. Wanna join? Gimme a bell I host

Mon to Wed 6am to 8am Second Life Time (Pacific) and Sunday 2am to 6am slt. I will fix you up with a membership tag.

And of course we dance to a live dj spinning the blues. Perfect Great looking avatars, blues lovers, dancing, chatting, grooving.

I captured Sianis piece about JY, Bard was hosting and read out peoples eulogies. The Junkyard is much loved. Well done Kiff and Dina you have created something wonderful.

You will see some grey its because it takes time to rezz such a lot of avatars in one place. Wonder if server side baking will improve it.

However this one I took earlier is better. With Miss Luci Nice Stuff sorry bout the typing.

New New Blue Tiles

Well it looks as though these are the New Tiles that we will be dancing on. Yes like them very much. Please feel free to leave a comment love feedback. I did have a thought about a suggestion box but realise Kiff and Dina have enough on their hands. It has been suggested that we could do with some new dances……What do you think? Anyhoo here is the new new dance floor. Thank you Storm for the dance!

Griefer Attack 2nd Feb

We had another griefer attack We chatted in Management. we identified billjohnson69 Resident as the probable culprit. Abuse reports were filed. We discussed what could be done. We thought LL could do more. We were not happy bunnies. I mentioned I had set up a grid wide site for hosts at sl dot HostsLikeMe dot com :

We’ll play the hand we’re dealt and go from there. Our membership has doubled to almost 6500 junkyard dawgs since this whole mess started in December, so it’s not like we’ll croak anytime soon.

Kiff eventually decided

[09:16] Kiff Clutterbuck: Okay here is what I have from this discussion as the most feasible idea: Rent a small parcel not only offsim but off the estate someplace and set up our jyb tag pager board there. Tell people in our venue profile how to find it and give the entire membership a landmark. By this afternoon we’ll probably find a problem with that but so far it seems like the most workable option.

During the discussion Bard became quite bloodthirsty and had to be restrained and

[09:14] dudestarship2: This would happen today when I got my new hair. It will be ” Another Griefer Attack Day” instead of ” Dudes New Hair Day” 😦