New System

Yes it has arrived and it is more than I expected it to be. The 27 inch monitor is so much bigger than 5 inches extra from the 22 inch. However I can seamlessly join the two monitors together. creating a space of 3890 x 1080. Because they both run at 1080p each window can be dragged to either monitor or stretched to cover both without loss of resolution nor having to be resized.

Here is the monitor set up :


Here’s what The Junkyard looks like:

Junkyard Wide

Click on the picture to view better. As you can see without zooming the whole of the dance floor can be viewed. Awesome. The speed of the new system is super and I am really pleased how second life performs. Running at 18 fps in high to ultra. But I will play with the settings and see. I made a video using two monitors but the processing size is only 2048 x 500. This needs work. Here is my second attempt. Watch full screen.

hehehe I will play. should be able to get it bigger I think.

All in all I am a very happy bunny. Reckon I won’t need to upgrade for at least another month (hahaha)

Halloween Part 1

skeletonhalftransA great time in Second Life. People dress up and look pretty fine!  This id DJ Siani looking splendid…..


Below is a snippet I took of Adogeoto in her costume at JYB.


Then one of Storm and I :

More to come!

New New Blue Tiles

Well it looks as though these are the New Tiles that we will be dancing on. Yes like them very much. Please feel free to leave a comment love feedback. I did have a thought about a suggestion box but realise Kiff and Dina have enough on their hands. It has been suggested that we could do with some new dances……What do you think? Anyhoo here is the new new dance floor. Thank you Storm for the dance!

New Blue Tiles

Hi Everyone

We have a new dance floor which personally I love. One of the reasons is that the 7th birthday of JY is coming up on the 16th June. Here is a video showing off the new dance floor. What do you think? Its your club. Please watch Full Screen

However :

Hi Staff! This is just to remind you that while we’re experimenting with a new Junkyard Blues dance floor the old tiles will always be available if you prefer them. Simply derender the new floor and you will be back to the old one which is directly beneath it. The new floor will be an alternative for those among us who would like something that is a bit less ponderous and visually kinder to avatars. We’ll be tweaking it a bit, but so far this seems to fit pretty well judging by feedback.