Junkyard Blues

The reason I registered this name is that we have had a lot of trouble from griefers, these are people who have been crashing the Junkyard Blues sim and demanding money. Cybersquatters often grab a domain name and put up disparaging comments to get the owner of the “brand” to buy it. Rather than let that happen I took this site. The official site gives a wealth of knowledge about jyb. That’s where you will find the essence of the blues cybercommunity in Second life. All you have to do is go to secondlife dot com sign up and come visit. Please read the letter from Kiff and Dina on the menu

Please see >>>>> http://junkyardblues.com
The Official Site of The Junkyard Blues Club in Second Life, a 3D Cybercommunity. I am A Fan!

I am too young to remember how old I am in second life terms.  (just checked 189 days on 19th January 2013). I’m Dude Starship btw. You can find me at DudeStarship.com . Anyway on my second day [i was in sl some 3 years ago but i fell out with the lindens so i left] I found myself in this blues club. Loved the music so I stayed. After Many Adventures in my first couple of months See Here : <  I ended up as a host for Dj Siani here is our schedule:

Sunday…………………………….2am to 6am second life time
Monday thru Thursday……..6am to 8am

sianisiani1This was very tough for me to get used to as I am on GMT [Siani  is in NZ 12 HOURS AHEAD! ] so its

Sunday……………………………..9am to 1pm GMT
Monday to Thursday………….2pm to 4pm GMT

My gf is is in Sydney which is 11 hours ahead.

DJ_HOST SCHEDULE 11_26_12.jpg

This business of time needs a post all of its own.

Sittin’ here waitin’, waitin’ for IMs,
All of my waitin’, babe, is all in vain,
When nothing’s goin’ on
Nothin’ with you – it hurts me, too.
And I never thought I would owe a thank you
To Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,
oh, nothin’s goin’ on, nothing with you
It hurts me, too.
When your wifey goes to bed and you get online
I’m here on British Daylight Savings Time.
When you finish your work day, I’m not here then too.
When you have to pick up the kids I must sleep.
I’ve been a-weepin’, yes, I moanin’,
Eastern Daylight Savings Time, time to party
Time for me to bring in the milk.
Second Life Time is Pacific Standard Time
So wrong with you
Lord Howe Time doesn’t even give me half an hour
Gonna shake your hand, I’m gonna say goodbye,
‘Cause you don’t need me, baby, you got other things to do.
So, thing’s goin’ wrong,
So wrong with you
Central Time, Honduras Time, Magadan Time –
I need a horizontal time zone,
But a vertical one would do at a pinch.
I want you, baby, but we just outta sync.


Elspeth Guyot 2011

Kiff (The Owner) is a great supporter of Education so he won’t mind if i digress. An American kid drops out of High School every 9 seconds and only 20% of American Males have a Family Dinner. It Is Worrying

Interesting Thing Time:>

Worrying isn’t it. Kids are not being engaged. I have found well my 19 year old daughter found, this wonderful teaching aid. Its 3d AND Interactive. I know how it was made using Prezi. I taught my daughter how to create something like this. Have a look and interact then we will get back to The Best Blues Club in town, any town!!!!

The Universe Scale

Right Click on the page find the embed code. If you need a hand

ok here is a picture of it

Got It?

Ok Back To Our Fav Club. Did you know The Junkyard has a university? Yep!!! Is giving Firestorm classes at the moment.

Carmel is one of the most popular Djs in The Junkyard. She is a Londoner like me.  Here’s a Junkyard Video :>

Please Remember this is a fan site and the views expressed here are strictly, entirely and absolutely exclusively that of DudeStarship dot com known affectionately as Doodles by his gf. The REAL SITE IS HERE!