It will be several weeks before I can get a new PC so in the interim I got a tablet. Its the highest spec I could afford

ASUS MEMOPAD ME173X, MediaTek MT8125 CPU 1.2Ghz Quad-core, 1 Micro USB, 16GB Storage, 7″ HD Display

Its very good. However there is no system menu, no radar and its difficult to give out tags.

But without it I couldn’t get into second life:


I found that having chat and the keyboard takes up most of the screen:


So I bought a bluetooth keyboard and it is much better:


Navigation can be a bit tricky and I got hopelessly muddled during Carmel’s set. However as you should have guessed by now the patrons and staff are very tolerant and understanding. Have to admit tho I am not as professional as I would like but it should only be a couple more weeks.



Sorry its been awhile. I’ve had problems. I decided to upgrade my computer to 64 bit and bring up the RAM to 8 gigs. I then installed x64 Firestorm. I spent two weeks trying to get it to work without success. The whole system would freeze. After testing everything I could, GPU CPU RAM I had to conclude that it was a motherboard ( RAM slots) fault. I am now running 64 bit with 4 gigs of RAM. I am buying a new computer as this one is showing signs of breaking down ( RAM and hard disk ). Its 5 years old.

So when I am fixed up there will be more posts. Sorry.

I’ve got the blues.

Griefer Attack 2nd Feb

We had another griefer attack We chatted in Management. we identified billjohnson69 Resident as the probable culprit. Abuse reports were filed. We discussed what could be done. We thought LL could do more. We were not happy bunnies. I mentioned I had set up a grid wide site for hosts at sl dot HostsLikeMe dot com :

We’ll play the hand we’re dealt and go from there. Our membership has doubled to almost 6500 junkyard dawgs since this whole mess started in December, so it’s not like we’ll croak anytime soon.

Kiff eventually decided

[09:16] Kiff Clutterbuck: Okay here is what I have from this discussion as the most feasible idea: Rent a small parcel not only offsim but off the estate someplace and set up our jyb tag pager board there. Tell people in our venue profile how to find it and give the entire membership a landmark. By this afternoon we’ll probably find a problem with that but so far it seems like the most workable option.

During the discussion Bard became quite bloodthirsty and had to be restrained and

[09:14] dudestarship2: This would happen today when I got my new hair. It will be ” Another Griefer Attack Day” instead of ” Dudes New Hair Day” 😦