diamozzHi This is a fan site, not official so views and opinions here are mine. I Love The Junkyard and proud to be a member of the best club in second life. No Doubts. It is. If you are new to sl or the blues go visit the official site JunkyardBlues dot com  \i came to second life 4 months ago after a 3 year absence I am a novice in many ways. I think all of us are learning. I have two degrees but it is experience that counts. I have been around the world and every culture has its story. The secret is blend in. In Morocco/Egypt/Sudan I read the Koran and wore a djellabah . In India I wore the white clothes of a Sadhu, in Thailand I was a monk, in Japan I wore a Yukata and in California I was a Dude! (lolol). However because you are in Rome you do not have to feed Christians to the lions OK?. I believe there is a culture in Second Life. There is definitely a cybercommunity surrounding the blues. Junkyard Blues club is the best of the lot. I dare you to call second life  a game in jyb.!!!!

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