New Blue Tiles

Hi Everyone

We have a new dance floor which personally I love. One of the reasons is that the 7th birthday of JY is coming up on the 16th June. Here is a video showing off the new dance floor. What do you think? Its your club. Please watch Full Screen

However :

Hi Staff! This is just to remind you that while we’re experimenting with a new Junkyard Blues dance floor the old tiles will always be available if you prefer them. Simply derender the new floor and you will be back to the old one which is directly beneath it. The new floor will be an alternative for those among us who would like something that is a bit less ponderous and visually kinder to avatars. We’ll be tweaking it a bit, but so far this seems to fit pretty well judging by feedback.



The views expressed here are my own and are not representative of Junkyard Blues Club main site here

Strong relationships are formed in second life, the blues clubs are a sub culture. Music is a powerful aphrodisiac and people fall in love. This sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Some people cheat and do it with malice aforethought. Just as in “real life” there is cruelty. The following was posted in a friends profile:

As I was sitting in my cozy little shack, looking out over the water, I realized I needed to say something important. Those who know me understand the last few months have been a trial. Having both old and new friends shield me from the worst of the drama with humor and warmth has been awe inspiring. Bonding with other survivors, those who’ve also felt the pain of deceit and betrayal, some who I’m ashamed to say I’ve inadvertently helped to hurt the same way I was hurt, have still held out their hand in friendship and forgiveness. It’s a silver lining I didn’t expect. (13 people are mentioned) to name just a few, were the rocks I clung to, who sheltered me, for all this time. I don’t know how to repay your love and kindness other than to say I’m doing fine now. Your efforts have not been in vain. Thankyou so much for giving me the room and stability to heal.

As you can see those that have been wronged can and do get support because we are a caring community. Up until last week I was out of sorts and a friend asked me if I was ok, another thought I had a black cloud over my head (I did actually) and were concerned. There was no noticeable overt behaviour however people notice. I think the blues helps you to care. The blues is a powerful expression of life’s vagaries, its joys and heartbreaks. And brings solidarity through shared experience.

Sometimes its absolutely spiffing. Proud of our community.